Bye Bye 2008...

A Year of Turmoil

Well for some this year had been incredible with personal as well as professional achievements, But as far as I think, this year has been mainly year of turmoil.There were some pleasures n achievements which lightens the wound which has been given by series of turmoils. Personally for me this year has been a forgettable year in every sense.Things didnt worked at all.Nothing productive happened this year for me.In family as well as professionally thing were messed up. Mental tensions n discomforts were there all the time. But I guess for many of people out there the year has been a forgettable experience. Be it terror strike, financial turmoil or global crisis.

Terror Strikes--When will we react?

Flashback to the serial bomb blasts on March 12' 1993 in Mumbai which gave rise to the term 'serial blasts'.Since then there have been many terror attacks in country.Second major attacks being in mumbai, the financial capital in year 2006. The day was 11th july and bombs exploded in the first class compartments of suburban Mumbai trains, resulting in heavy loss of life. Two years later in 2008, India has been plauged with bomb threats and bomb blasts. It all started in January when terrorist attacked CRPF camp in Raipur killing 8. Have a look at blasts in 2008
January 2008:
Terrorist attack on CRPF camp in Rampur kills eight.
May 2008:
Eight serial blasts rock Jaipur in a span of 12 minutes leaving 65 dead and over 150 injured.
July 2008:
Seven blasts strike the IT city of Bangalore killing at least two people and wounding at least 20
July 2008:
Serial blasts in Ahmedabad kill close to 45 and injure over 100.
October 2008:
A series of powerful explosions ripped through crowded market areas in New Delhi, killing at least 50 people.
This has been story of bomb blasts...
We all know who has been the main face of terror and yet Indian government are not taking this things as strictly as it should have been taken.
Common man is the ultimate sufferer in this situations. Its high time we should react and react strongly against the main face of terror.
Mumbai Attacks--62 hours of mayhem
What really shocked India was 26th November 2008, when ten coordinated terrorist attacks across Mumbai took place.The attacks, carried out by Pakistani Terrorists using automatic weapons and grenades, began on 26 November 2008 and ended on 29 November 2008. At least 173 people were killed and at least 308 were injured in the attacks.
Milford Sound in New Zealand

Eight of the attacks occurred in South mumbai at chatrapati sivaji terminus, The Oberoi Trident,The TajMahal Palace and tower, Leopold Cafe, Cama Hospital, Nariman House and Metro Cinema.The terror mumbai faced in those 62 hours were terrifying.
I was personally very terrified after watching all those activities in TV..So Many Of them lost their lives n so many got injured....It all was totally Shocking n terrrifying
but Mumbai Residents showd a lot of courage, n they showed to world , life will never ever stop in MUMBAI...thts d spirit of INDIA..

Mumbai Attacks Video

Heroes were certainly the NSG commandos. There were more heroes there in form of hotel waitstaffs and cooks who put their lives on risk to hide hundreds of guests.
Major sandeep, who led NSG team for Taj operation, laid his life fighting against terrorists.
"Do not come up, I'll handle them" was probably the last word said by him while chasing terrorists and getting hit by a bullet.
The task of NSG wasnt easy, there were hostages in hotels and commandos have to ensure that the hostages were safe and the whole operation was damn dificult for them but at the end NSG commondos showed the world India can fight and gun down any terrorist.
Rise Of commom man
Milford Sound in New Zealand
Many of youths had woken up after this terror attacks..
There had been lots of protests against the ministers who are always looking for theoir fullfilment. The remarkable thing was common man protesting against some so called top leaders and there were no any political parties involved in that all protests. This type of protests should be there and we should realise its importance.
When India Will React?
We know this who has been behind terror strikes , yet we arent doing anything strict, anything great or anything harder for fighting against terror.
We have been presurrising pakistan so that pakistan government take action against terror camps. But things arent happening and pakistani govt is doing almost nothing in this respect.
Its high time we should stand up and speak up against terrorism.
Lets fight against terrorism and Lets speak Up...
Financial Crisis

Milford Sound in New Zealand
In 2008, a series of bank and insurance company failures triggered a financial crisis that effectively halted global credit markets.
Economic recession was predicted by some Economists. Several important factors for this economic downturn were there. High oilprices which led to High food prices, Global Inflation,Credit crisis andIncreased umemployment.
Credit crisis leading to the drastic bankruptcy of large and well established Investment banks as well as Commercial banks
Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE) were both taken over by the government. Failures of Lehmen Brother, Merrill Lynch and AIG adds fuel to global and financial crisis.
There were large job cuts and market meltdown in 2008.
Indian Scenario
India's economic growth has been effected by the economic crisis. But the effect is not as that as of America and other Economic crisis hit coutries.
Some analysts pointed that India's going trade with other Asian countries will help reduce the negative impact of the crisis. Analysts also said that India's high domestic demand and large infrastructure projects will reduce the impact of the global downturn on its economy.
There were inprecendent growth from 2003 to 2007. Mainly the growth came from Credit and foriegn investors.
Sensex gone from 5000(mid 2005) to 21000 in Januray 2008. Again it hits bottomline and went down to around 8500 in November(first week). However in December 2008 it get past 10,000.
Job cuts, salary cuts, Low employment rate all rocked this year and India too gets heavily affected by this all happenings.
The North Indian-Maharastraian Episode
The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, led by Raj Thackeray, recently began a campaign against outsiders and targeted migrants from North India, accusing them of robbing Maharashtrians of their jobs.
Workers of MNS demonstrated and protested against North Indians which mainly included Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
Several North Indians were beaten up. MNS chief were accused of all this. Almost all top leaders of several parties condemend this act of voilence against North Indians.
When will they(MNS) understand that India one and all Indians are one. Dividing states for sake of regionalism and political desires is not a good thing for India.
The ultimate sufferers will be Indians and image of India.
MNS chief quoted the very sacred "Chath Puja" as a "Naatak". This festival of "Chath Puja" is the most pure and important festival in Bihar, UP, Delhi and Some other States. This type of remark for a festival should not be done. Festivals are meant to be celebrated with Trust and Joy. Every Festival in India is equally important as it shows the diversity of Indians.

For all this and much more I consider this year not a good year. There were many other incidents like "Stampede in Naini Devi Temple", "Tata and Singur Row"

But for many others this year has been good. This depends upon person to person.
But Personally I have a feeling that This Year was very much "Forgettable" and a year of "Turmoil"


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